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Our Mission

Our mission at World of Cacao is to empower individuals to connect with the transformative power of Cacao Ceremonies. We provide comprehensive and authentic training that honors the ancient traditions and contemporary knowledge. With our conscious community we strive to support personal growth, spiritual development, and holistic well-being, while sharing this beautiful practice with the world.

About Nele Zeeh

There is a saying among the ancient tribes that "Cacao chooses the people it wants to work with." And that it is how Nele came to Cacao in the Yoga Forest in Guatemala. As she worked with the plant medicine, it opened her heart and helped her let go of her fears, allowing her soul to dance with abandon. Nele felt called to share the magic of Cacao back home, held regular Cacao Ceremonies, and eventually became a teacher, inviting others to allow Cacao to transform their lives.
— Our team

From a conscious team to a conscious community

Sascha Hommel

Mental coach
Sascha is a Mental Coach and working with individuals on their journey to healing emotional wounds and deeply rooted traumatas.

Nele Zeeh

Cacao Ceremony HEad coach
Nele is a Cacao Ceremony Facilitator & Teacher, certified Yoga Teacher, Mantra Singer and Harmonium Teacher and will support you on your journey.

Alexander Wehner

Social Entrepreneurship Coach
Alexander is a Social Entrepreneur and helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs to have a lasting impact on the world and sustainably grow their heart-projects.

Our Heart-Centered Community Spans the Globe

We are proud to say that our conscious community of Cacao Ceremony Practitioners spans the globe, with members from all corners of the world. Our community is united by a shared love and appreciation for the transformative power of Cacao, and a deep desire to spread its magic with others. Our map showcases just a few of the amazing individuals who have joined us on this journey, each with their own unique story and background. Join us and become part of our growing global family today.
Feedback from our conscious community

200+ students and counting

The World of Cacao Ceremony Practitioner Training is comprehensive, enjoyable and truly prepares the practitioner to spread their knowledge and love to their community and beyond!
With love, light & gratitude

Pamela Simms
The World of Cacao Facilitator Training is a beautiful training that leads you through all the information you need to know of mama Cacao & to work with it. The video trainings from Nele are so loving and informative, she can really lead you through all te steps you have to take before starting a ceremony. And the training informs you about all you need to know about the cacao, the rituals, the graditude for the plant medicine and more.

Lindsay vek
I really liked everything, I find the couple exercises very interesting and I would like to use them during the ceremonies. The songs I didn't know and I love it and everything I've been able to learn about cocoa I love it too. I have had a lot of fun preparing the cacao and doing the ceremony with myself. Thank you

Join us and start the journey to your inner truth today

Join our conscious community and start your journey towards
making a meaningful impact with Cacao today.
Join our conscious community and start your journey towards making a meaningful impact with Cacao today.

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Our Values

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do. It's not just about acquiring knowledge, it's about the profound feeling of fulfillment.

We bring you authentic knowledge from a rich heritage of Cacao traditions, rooted in respect for the plant, the farmers, and the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures.

We keep our Cacao practice grounded in tradition, while constantly integrating new lessons and innovations to provide you with the highest quality and accurate trainings.

We believe in the uniqueness of every individual and the importance of a personalized approach. We help you to understand your own body and mind, and to develop your own style and voice as a Cacao Ceremony facilitator.

We are committed to your success and the well-being of our community. We provide the best support possible and guidance, and we always act with honesty, transparency, and respect.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism in training, communication, and support. 

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