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Cacao Training (Advanced) + Certificate

Learn how to lead powerful and professional Cacao Ceremonies for you and your loved ones & receive your personal certificate of completion. The training "Cacao Ceremony (Basic)" is included. Secure your lifetime access now—this special offer may be time-limited. Enroll now and you'll not only save 33%, but you'll also secure lifetime access to our courses and community. This is a rare, time-sensitive opportunity. Don't miss out!
World of Cacao Professional Course
Cacao Training (Advanced) + Certificate
$297  $441,00
You save $144,00

Duration: 6 weeks

- Cacao Ceremony Training (Basic)

- Monthly New Moon Cacao Ceremony (Online) for or $132/Year

  • A step-by-step guide from A-Z to create and lead a truly sacred and transformative Cacao Ceremony
  • Detailed guidelines including practical worksheets for preparing Ceremonies
  • Access to our online course featuring specialized videos, detailed guides, and other resources
  • Special breathing, mindfulness and heart-opening techniques
  • Developing the right mindset to get started and overcoming blokades
  • Foundational marketing and pricing guidance
  • Personalized action-plan & building your own community which shares your interests
  • Professional guidance in marketing & branding including exclusive templates for your use

Limited-Time Benefits Included in All Trainings

If you enroll today, you'll gain exclusive access to a global community of Cacao Ceremony Practitioners, along with monthly Q&A sessions and Online New Moon Cacao Ceremonies ($264/year).

Courses included

Cacao Training (Advanced) + Certificate

Invest once for lifetime access to:

Cacao Ceremony Training (Basic)

A step-by-step guide from A-Z to create and lead a truly sacred and transformative Cacao Ceremony

Price: $147

Cacao Training (Advanced)

Special breathing, mindfulness & heart-opening techniques and foundational marketing and pricing guidance

Price: $230

eBook: From Seed to Ceremony

A quickly usable summary and guidline for Cacao Ceremonies

Price: $20

New Moon Cacao Ceremony

Experience our monthly New Moon Cacao Ceremony where we will gather for the New Moon with Mama Cacao

Price: $264/Year

$441,00  $297          

*Also payable in 3 installments

A thriving community

200+ students and counting

I really liked everything, I find the couple exercises very interesting and I would like to use them during the ceremonies. The songs I didn't know and I love it and everything I've been able to learn about cocoa I love it too. I have had a lot of fun preparing the cacao and doing the ceremony with myself. Thank you
What did you like most about the course? the passion with which it was presented. Loved all the practical examples, the softness of the lecturer.
What was your highlight of the Training? In the basic the video's of Nele and Guidance, in the advanced at chapter 5 the different techniques and chapter 6 working on the limited beliefs, very very helpful and a beautiful tool!
Lindsay vek

Frequently asked questions

Can I perform my own cacao ceremonies after completing the course?

Yes, you can use your newly acquired skills immediately and lead Cacao Ceremonies both online and in person.

How long does the training take? Are the modules activated at my own pace or are they live modules with fixed dates?

Each module consists of 3-5h learning material. You can easily learn the lessons and exercises at your own pace and set your own time for exercises and lessons. When you are ready, report to the author for review and evaluation.

Is the lifetime access to the courses a limited-time offer?

Yes, the lifetime access to our Cacao Ceremony Trainings is a special offer that we're currently providing. We believe in the transformative power of these courses and want to offer our students the opportunity to revisit the material whenever they wish. However, please note that this lifetime access offer may not be available indefinitely. We recommend securing your spot now to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Do I get access to a community? If so where do I find it

Yes, at World of Cacao you will find a community of like-minded and open-hearted people. We have our own social network that is exclusively accessible to our students. You will find experts in the field of cacao who all share the same goals and support each other. You'll never be alone.

Can I do the whole course at my home or do I have to travel to another place at some point?

Of course, you don't have to go anywhere for this online training and you can experience the exercises of the practical part at your own pace and have no time pressure. When you have worked through everything and feel ready, you can take your exam.

Do I have lifetime access to the courses?

In addition to providing lifetime access to our courses, we also ensure that the content is constantly updated. We understand that the world of Cacao Ceremonies is ever-evolving, and we are committed to staying at the forefront of knowledge and practices.

What happens if I fail the exams?

You can repeat the exams as many times as necessary without incurring any additional costs. Please take each exam seriously, revise your notes and study all materials on our e-learning platform.

Is the course entirely in English

Yes, the course is only available in English

Do you show how to do online cacao ceremonies

Yes, in the training "Cacao Training (Advanced)" and the "Cacao Business Program" we show you how to create a sacred space online. You can definitely continue working with your clients online.

Do you help with sourcing the cacao?

Yes, we guide students on sourcing high-quality, ethical, and sustainable Cacao. Our focus is on empowering our students to make conscious choices.
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